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Online Registration and Credentials

Permanent Representatives are kindly invited to act as focal points for the online registration of their delegation to Cg-19. The link to the online Event Registration System (ERS), the username and password that were sent to Permanent Representatives by email remain valid for all  WMO Constituent body meetings including Cg-19.

Please note that the online registration will close on 15 May 2023. For further information concerning online pre-registration, please do not hesitate to contact the WMO Secretariat by email at:

All representatives of International Organizations and Non-Members invited as observers to the session are kindly required to provide in advance a letter of representation signed by the appropriate authority from their organization, together with contact information of the delegation to be registered by the Secretariat.

Please also note that the submission of information through the online ERS does not exempt Members from the need to provide valid credentials for the participating delegation.

General Regulation 20 provides that:

(a) Prior to a session of a constituent body other than the Executive Council, each Member concerned shall communicate to the Secretary-General the names of the persons composing its delegation to that body, indicating which of these shall be regarded as its principal delegate;

(b) Besides this communication, a letter giving these particulars and otherwise conforming with the provisions of the Convention and of these Regulations and signed by, or on behalf of, an appropriate governmental authority of the Member shall be sent to the Secretary-General or handed to the representative at the session and shall be regarded as appropriate credentials for the participation of the individuals named therein in the session. For technical commission sessions, the Secretary-General may accept the credentials of persons who are part of the Member's delegation provided that those credentials have been signed by the Member's Permanent Representative (in consultation with the Member's Hydrological Adviser in the case of hydrological experts);

(c) The same procedure shall apply as regards the credentials of observers representing non-Member countries;

Registration Desk and Badges

The registration of participants to this meeting will open as follows:​

19 to 20 May: 07:30 - 17:30 (at WMO)

21 May: 14:00 - 17:30 (at CICG)

22 May to 26 May: 07:30 - 17:30 (at CICG)

27 May: 08:00 - 16:00 (at CICG)

29 May to 2 June: 07:30 - 17:30 (at CICG)

Only holders of badges issued by the Conference Registration and Information Desk will be admitted to meetings. All badges are strictly personal and non-transferable.

(i) Delegations

All participants will receive their badges upon arrival; they are expected to always carry them and to present them at the request of Security or Conference Services staff.

Members of Permanent Missions holding UN badges shall be admitted, but would need to be listed in their corresponding WMO Member credentials and obtain a badge at the Registration and Information Desk to appear on the list of participants.

(ii) Media

Media correspondents, photographers and camera teams should contact the Strategic Communications Office Desk at: before proceeding to the Conference Registration and Information Desk, where the badges will be issued for them. Journalists travelling from outside Switzerland should provide proof of credentials. For media accredited with the United Nations in Geneva, the UN accreditation will suffice. The elections/appointment of new officers will not be open to the media.

(iii) Public

The public may obtain badges for public meetings by applying to the Conference Registration and Information Desk. They will be issued exclusively for admission to the public gallery, according to the space available, and should be presented at any time at the request of Security or Conference Services staff. Plenary sessions and information events will be public, subject to the availability of seats; attendance at meetings of Congress committees will be restricted to delegates and observers.