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7th Workshop on the Impact of Various Observing Systems on NWP

Format And Procedure

The 7th WMO Workshop on the Impact of Various Observing Systems on Numerical Weather Prediction is organized by WMO from 30 November to 3 December 2020 as a virtual event.

During the Workshop, the results presented will be reviewed in plenary discussion sessions and a consensus view will be formed where possible. Conclusions to help guide the design and evolution of components of the WIGOS for NWP will be drawn. This extends from short to medium and longer range forecasting. The impact of various observing systems on climate analysis is also considered within scope of the Workshop.

Previous Workshops

The previous six workshops in this series took place in Geneva (April 1997), Toulouse (March 2000), Alpbach (March 2004), Geneva (May 2008), Sedona (May 2012) and Shanghai (May 2016). Results from observing system experiments (OSEs), with both global and regional aspects, were presented. Conclusions were drawn concerning the contributions of the various components of the observing system to forecast skill at short and medium range. Since then, some significant changes and developments have affected the global observing system, and additional effort has been devoted to meso‚Äźscale data assimilation systems.