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Preparatory Workshops


In preparation for the WMO Data Conference a schedule of workshops and stakeholder consultations have been prepared. You are invited to participate in those topics that match your interest and expertise. Please follow the links in the table below to register. Please note that the workshops and stakeholder consultations will be recorded and made available online.

Theme Content
​Registration/ Outcome: Videos, presentations and documents
24 September 2020 Workshop on Theme 1: "Changing landscape of weather, climate and water data"

Data exchange in the 1960s and today; what has changed and what will need to change?

WMO data policy for Members or for their NMHSs?

Please download the preliminary programme for workshop 1 here:  
Workshop 1 Programme.pdf
Please download the tabled agenda for workshop 1 here: 
Workshop 1 Agenda.pdf

Key Messages of the Workshop:
Key messages of workshop 1 of the WMO Data Conference.pdf

: Link ( 

​Sue Barrell, Chair, Study Group on Data Issues and Policy under WMO Infrastructure Commission
Towards a revised WMO Data Policy.pdf
​Anthony Rea, WMO Infrastructure Department, Director
The changing landscape of weather,climateandwater data.pdfTranscript The changing landscape of weather,climateandwater data.pdf
​Lars Peter Riishojgaard, WMO Infrastructure Department, Deputy Director
WMO Data policy resolutions in the rearview mirror.pdf
​Jean-Noël Thépaut, Copernicus Services, Director, ECMWF
Copernicus Data Policy Benefits for Environmental Services.pdf
​Agnes Lawrence, Kijazi, Tanzania Meteorological Agency, Director General; Third Vice-President of WMO
Perspectives of NMHSs in RA-1.pdf
​Charles Ewen, UK Met Office, Director of Technology and Chief Information Officer
The evolving meteorological data landscape.pdf; Transcript The evolving meteorological data landscape.pdf 

7 October 2020 Workshop on Theme 2: "Business models and data policy issues" External views on WMO data policy; what works and does not work? Increasing the amount of data available to all users; policy as enabler and as a roadblock. ​Please download the preliminary programme for workshop 2 here: 
Workshop_2_tentative programme.doc
Please download the concept note for workshop 2 here: 
Workshop 2 - Concept Note.docx
Key Messages of the Workshop:

Final Report of the Workshop:

Video: Link (

Anthony Rea
WMO Infrastructure Department, Director
Evolution of WMO data policy, changing landscapes, new challenges and opportunities.pdf
Dimitar Ivanov
WMO PPE Office
Scope of workshop and shaping the discussions – business models and policy.pdf
Willie McCairns
Chief Executive

European Business Model and the Role of ECOMET.pdf

Jim Anderson
Senior Vice President, Global Sales
Earth Networks, 
Chairperson of HMEI

Private Sector Data Policy Perspectives –Improving Data Availability for All.pdf
Kornélia Radics 
President of Hungarian 
Meteorological Service (OMSZ)
Data policy and practice – the case of Hungary.pdf
Mnikeli Ndabambi

Acting CEO
South African Weather Service (SAWS)

Business model and Data Policy – South African NMHS perspective.pdf
Dr. Rick Anthes
President Emeritus, UCAR
Data Sharing for Research and Operations.pdf
14 October 2020 Workshop on Theme 3: "Filling the gaps in global data coverage" Strengths and weaknesses of WMOs efforts to address this? GBON/SOFF paradigm; extensions to other domains and disciplines? Access to prediction and analysis products.

Please download the concept note for workshop 3 here: 

Workshop 3 Concept note.pdf

Please download the final programme for workshop 3 here:
Workshop_3_final programme.doc

Key Messages of the Workshop:

Key Messages for Workshop 3 of the WMO Data Conference.pdf

Video: Link (


Anthony Rea
WMO Infrastructure Department, Director

Data Conference Workshop 3 - Introductory Presentation.pdf
Lars Peter Riishojgaard
WMO Infrastructure Department, Deputy Director
Filling the Gap_The Global Basic Observing Network as an example.pdf
Markus Repnik
WMO Development Partnerships, Director
Systematic Observations Financing Facility.pdf
Peter Thorne
Maynooth University, Ireland
Closing the gaps from a climate perspective.pptx
Vincent-Henri Peuch
European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Director Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service
What are the atmospheric observation data gaps and what should WMO do to close them.pdf
Emma Heslop
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and GOOS
Challenges and opportunities towards improving data delivery for WMO Services.pdf
19 October 2020 Stakeholder Consultation 1: "Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy"
The role of data exchange and of WMO data policy for hydrology. The implications of moving towards earth system monitoring and prediction.
More information on the background of the consultation workshop can be found here:
Please download the programme for the stakeholder consultation 1  here:
Agenda_Hydrological data and WMO Data Policy Consultation Workshop.pdf

08:00h to 11:00h CEST for Regions II, V  
16:00h to 19:00h CEST for Regions I, III, IV, VI  

Interpretation will be provided in Chinese, English and Russian for the Regions II, V; and in English, French and Spanish for the Regions I, III, IV, VI. 

The video and the presentations will be available soon.

21 October 2020 Stakeholder Consultation 2: "Research data and WMO data policy" WMO use of research data. Research access to operational data. Please download the preliminary programme for the stakeholder consultation 2 here: 
Data Cnf Stakeholder Research 21 Oct prov programme.pdf

Toste Tanhua
co-chair of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS); GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
Toste Tanhua_Ocean View on Research Data and the WMO Data Policy.pdf
Anthony Rea
WMO Infrastructure Department, Director
Anthony Rea_Data Conference Stakeholder Consultation 2_Introductory Presentation.pdf
Michelle Heupel

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), Australia

Michelle Heupel_ Delivering ocean data_Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System.pdf
Jörg Klausen 
Meteoswiss, Switzerland
Joerg Klausen_Status and adequacy of data exchange and data policy for atmospheric composition data.pdf
Jorn Kristiansen 
MetNo, Norway
Jornk Kristiansen_Special Observing Periods under the Year of Polar Prediction and cryosphere.pdf

Robert Chen
CIESIN, Columbia University, USA

Robert Chen_Open Data Access Approaches in GEO and the Research Community.pdf

Examples of research related data policies:
23 October 2020 Stakeholder Consultation 3: "Satellite data and WMO data policy" The role of satellite data in WMO. Ensuring equitable access to critical observations.  The role of private sector satellite data.Please download the preliminary programme for the stakeholder consultation 3 here: 
Stakeholder Consultation 3 Preliminary Programme.pdf
​Link to register to stakeholder consultation 3
28 October 2020  Workshop on Theme 4: "Data exchange for Earth System Monitoring and Prediction" Earth system prediction as a policy driver. Data requirements and data maturity. Moving from requirements to policy.
Please download the preliminary programme for Workshop 4 here:
Link to register to workshop on theme 4

The online meetings will be moderated with guest speakers and there will be an opportunity to participate in the topic discussions. The workshops and consultations will take place online from 12h00 to 14h00 UTC and will be held in English, with the exception of the first stakeholder consultation regarding Hydrological data where there will be two time schedules to allow full regional participation and translation in English, French, Russian and Spanish will be made available. Full details of the agenda for each workshop and consultation will follow soon.