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Outcome Material


Conference summary statement

The final conference summary statement is available here: Conference summary statement.pdf

Detailed session outcomes

Session 1, 16 November 2020

Open the recording of Session 1 in Vimeo:
Please find the key messages from Session 1 here: Key messages Day 1 Session 1.pdf

Dr. John Zillman, former President of WMO 
​Keynote address: Origin of WMO Data Exchange and Resolution 40
01_John Zillman_Origin of Data Exchange (Spoken version).pdf
​Dr. Lars Peter Riishojgaard, Deputy Director, WMO
​Progress toward a new overarching WMO Data Policy resolution in 2021
02_LPR_2020 11 16; WMO Data Conference Policy Res Intro LPR SB.pdf
​Dr. Sue Barrell, Australia
​Introduction to Session 1; Report from Preparatory Workshop on Theme 1 and relevant Stakeholder Consultations 
03_Sue Barrell_Session 1_Workshop 1 Summary.pdf
Prof. Penny Endersby, Chief Executive, UK MetOffice
​The Evolving Meteorological Data Landscape
04_Penny Endersby_wmo_data-conference-endersby-FINAL.pdf
Dr. Gilberto Camara, Executive Director, GEO Secretariat
​Open Data Policy in the Age of Big Data
05_Gilberto Camara_GEO_WMO_OpenDataPolicy.pdf
​Dr. Kornelia Radics, President, Hungarian Met Service
​Data Policy and Practice – the Case of Hungary
06_Konelia Radics_RK_WMODataConference.pdf
​Peer Fietzek, Kongsberg Maritime, Germany
​Next generation of seaborne meteorological and oceanographic data collection from vessels
07_Peer Fietzek_2020_11 - WMO data conference - Fietzek, Algroy.pdf

Session 2, 17 November 2020

Open the recording of Session 2 in Vimeo:
Please find the key messages from Session 2 here: 07_Key messages Day 2 Session 2.pdf

Dr. Michael Staudinger, CEO of Austrian Met Service 
​Introduction to Session 2; Report from Preparatory Workshop on Theme 2 and relevant Stakeholder Consultations
​Dr. Arlene Laing, Coordinating Director of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization
​A Caribbean Perspective on Data and Partnerships for National HydroMeteorological Services and Key Stakeholders
02_Arlene Laing_CMO_WMO_DataConference.pdf
​Urip Haryoko, BMKG Indonesia
​One Observation Policy to bridge data exchange between public and private sector
03_Urip Haryoko_One Observation Policy to bridge data exchange between.pdf
Daisuke Abe, Executive Officer, Service Operation and Development Weathernews Inc.
​A Private Sector View of WMO Data Policy as an Enabler for Improved Service Delivery (TBC)
04_Daisuke Abe_WNI_DataConference20201117.pdf
​Zeng Qin, China Meteorological Administration
​Open Data Policy for Digital Economy Innovation
05_Zeng Qin_Open data policy for digital economy innovation-ZENGQIN-CMA.pdf
Dr. Rick Anthes, United States of America
​Data Sharing for Research and Operations
06_Rick Anthes_WMO Presentation Final.pdf

Session 3, 18 November 2020

Open the recording of Session 3 in Vimeo: 

Please find the key messages from Session 3 here: 07_Key messages Day 3 Session 3.pdf

Dr. Erik Andersson, European Commission and Daouda Konaté, President, WMO RA-I
​Introduction to Session 3; Report from Preparatory Workshop on Theme 3 and relevant Stakeholder Consultations 
01_Andersson - Konate_Key messages Day 3 Session 3.pdf
Dr. Stephen English, ECMWF
​The value of regional observations to global NWP and the value of global NWP to regions
02_Stephen English_WMO-DC-SE.pdf
​Prof. Gerhard Adrian, PR Germany and WMO president
​GBON and SOFF: Addressing Gaps in Global Data Coverage
03_Gerhard Adrian_2020-11 GBON and SOFF Presentation for Prof Adrian.pdf
Nick van de Giesen, TAHMO
​Public-Private Partnerships and Data Exchange: Experience from the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO)
04_Nick van de Giesen_TAHMO_WMO_DataConference.pdf
Dr. Agnes Kijazi, Director General of Tanzania Meteorological Agency
​Changing Landscape of Weather and Climate Data: Perspectives of NMHSs in RA-1
05_Agnes Kijazi_2Final_edited_Dr.Kijazi_WMO Data Conference 16 -19 Nov 2020.pdf
Dr. Anthony Rea, Director Infrastructure WMO
​The Satellite Data Landscape: Outcomes of Stakeholder Consultation on Satellite Data and WMO Data Policy
06_Anthony Rea_2020-11 Data Conf - Satellite Agencies and data Policy.pdf

Session 4, 19 November 2020

Open the recording of Session 4 in Vimeo:
Please find the key messages from Session 4 here: 06_Key messages Day 4 Session 4.pdf

Dr. David Legler, NOAA
​Introduction to Session 4; Report from Preparatory Workshop on Theme 4 and relevant Stakeholder Consultations
01_David Legler_WMO-Data-Conference-Nov2020_V2.pdf
Dr. Florence Rabier, ECMWF
​Making Data Accessible
02_Florence Rabier_making_data_accessible_WMO.pdf
​Dr. Zeinab Salah Mahmoud, Egypt
​Data Exchange for Earth System Monitoring and Prediction
03_Zeinab Salah Mahmoud_Difficulties facing Data exchange.pdf
Dr. Klemen Bergant, Director of Slovenian Meteorological and Hydrological Office 
​New Data Policy in South-East Europe
04_Klemen BERGANT_Presentation for WMO Data Conference - Klemen BERGANT v2.pdf
​Dr. Emma Heslop, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
​Key challenges and opportunities towards improving ocean data delivery for WMO services
05_Emma Heslop_WMO data Conf_OceanData_Nov2020_v2.pdf