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RA II-17 (Phases 1 and 2)

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is closely monitoring the situation in relation to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and regularly consulting with the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Swiss Authorities and our Members.

As a result of the outbreak, the seventeenth session of the Regional Association II (RA II-17) is organized in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Virtual session from 25 to 26 May 2021.
  • Phase 2: Virtual session from 27 to 30 September 2021.
Phase 2 of the Session will open at 07:00 UTC on Monday 27 September 2021. Virtual sessions of three hours will take place from 27 to 30 September 2021 between 07:00 and 10:00 UTC. Please see the Tentative Workplan for details.

Instructions and guidelines on the use of the online platform are made available on the Online Session section of the session website.

In view of limited time during the virtual session to discuss documents, and in order to facilitate discussion, Permanent Representatives and session delegates are invited to provide their comments and proposed changes to the documents in advance of the Session via, preferably one week before the Session. In addition, the president of the Regional Association, following consultation with the Management Group, is proposing to the Regional Association to adopt a list of consensual draft Decisions and Recommendations without debate.

Please also note that the RA II & V Pre-Congress Consultations will be held from 30 to 31 August 2021 between 06:00 and 09:00 UTC.

information.pngOnline registration and Credentials

The deadline for online pre-registration has been extended until 23 September 2021.

Online pre-registration is required for all participants. In view of their official status with WMO, Permanent Representatives of WMO Members (PRs) have been given access to an online Event Registration System allowing the pre-registration of their respective delegations. More information concerning online pre-registration is provided under the section Online Registration and Credentials of this website. Please note that the submission of information through the online event registration system does not exempt Members from the need to provide valid credentials for the participating delegation. Letters can be sent by e-mail to

information.pngNaming convention (Zoom username)

Participants are asked to note the following revision of the Naming Convention for RA II-17 Part II, further to RA II-17/INF. 1(3), as provided during Part I of the session:-

WMO Members within and outside RA II: Principal Delegate (PD), Alternate (Alt), and Delegate (Del)  

  • Principal Delegate (Principal): Member name/PD/Surname   
  • Alternate: Member name/Alt/ Surname  
  • Delegate: Member name/Del/ Surname 

President, Vice-Presidents of WMO 

  • President of WMO: P/WMO 
  • Vice-Presidents of WMO: 1st VP/ WMO; 2nd VP/WMO; 3rd VP/WMO 

Presidents and vice-presidents of regional associations, presidents and vice-presidents of technical commissions, Chairs of WMO bodies, Regional Hydrological Advisers and Invited Experts 
  • Presidents of regional associations: P/RA I (II, …, VI)  
  • Vice-presidents of regional associations VP/RA (I, II....) 
  • Presidents of technical commissions:  P/INFCOM, P/SERCOM 
  • Vice-presidents of technical commissions: VP/INFCOM/Surname, VP/SERCOM/Surname 
  • Chair, body acronym: (C/HCP) 
  • Regional Hydrological Advisers: HA/RAI (II, …, VI) 
  • Invited Experts:  Expert/Surname  

Representatives of International Organizations/Non-Members 
  • Organization name/Surname  
  •  Non-Member name/Surname 



  • Secretariat/Surname   

language.pngWorking languages and documents

Simultaneous interpretation into Arabic, Chinese, English, and Russian will be provided during the online plenary meetings through the virtual platform.

Documents will be issued in these four official WMO languages and will be posted before and during the session on this website.

In view of the limited time for online sessions and in order to optimize discussions during the meeting, RA members are encouraged to submit comments on documents to prior to the session, preferably one week before its commencement. In order to reduce the time for introductions,  presentations (slides and/or video) will be uploaded, if necessary, for a number of items prior to the session.

agenda.pngTentative workplan

The tentative work plan for the session is provided in the Tentative workplan section of this website.


A satisfaction survey will be sent by email to the participants at the end of the session. 

information.pngContact information

For questions regarding the online session, please contact the WMO Conference Services at

List of participants

A provisional list of participants will be uploaded on the List of Participants section of the session website after the end of the each daily online session. 

download.pngHow to download documents?

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