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Online pre-registration is required for all participants to the RA II-17 (II). Participants who were pre-registered for the Phase 1 of the RA II-17 are also kindly required to do the pre-registration for the Phase 2.

In view of their official status with WMO, Permanent Representatives are kindly invited to act as focal points for the online registration of Members. 

The link to the online Event Registration System (ERS), the username and the password that were sent to Permanent Representatives by e-mail remain valid for all upcoming WMO meetings (

All representatives of international organizations and non-Members invited as observers to the session are kindly required to provide in advance a letter of representation signed by the appropriate authority from their organization together with contact information of the delegation to be registered by the Secretariat. 

WMO Congress 17 adopted Res. 59 on Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and urged Members to increase the representation of women in delegations.  We are striving for at least 40% female participation. Your support would be appreciated. 

Please note that the submission of information through the online event registration system does not exempt Members from the need to provide credentials for their delegations for the session with clear indication of the principal delegate and his/her alternate, signed by, or on behalf of, an appropriate governmental authority of the Member. Valid credentials received for RA II-17 (I) remain valid for the Phase 2 of the session as far as they include the same delegates. Letters can be sent by e-mail to

The deadline for online pre-registration is 23 September 2021.

For further information concerning online pre-registration, please do not hesitate to contact the WMO Secretariat by e-mail at: