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Document Processing

Documentation Plan available here (JS-TC-1_DocPlan.pdf )

paperless.pngSubmission of documents

According to rule 6.10.4 of the WMO Rules of Procedure for Technical Commissions, delegations wishing to submit documents before the session are invited to send them to the WMO Secretariat, as soon as possible but not later than 60 days before the opening of the session to allow time for translation.

According to rule 6.9.3 of the WMO Rules of Procedure for Technical Commissions, session documents should be distributed as soon as possible and preferably not later than 30 days before the opening of the session. Any document presented by a delegation should be submitted in the name of the Member of the Organization and not by an individual person. 

language.pngDistribution of Documents

Documents will be posted before and during the session on this website, in line with WMO greening efforts to promote paper-smart meetings. Therefore, participants are kindly invited to bring internet-enabled portable computers capable of handling Microsoft Word 2016 and Adobe PDF formats so that they can work in paper-smart mode during the session.

paperless.pngTypes of documents

The session will use two types of document:

  • Doc. (documents) whose contents are listed below; these will appear in the final report;
  • INF. (information) papers, which provide additional information relevant to the decisions/recommendations/resolutions adopted at the meeting; these will appear only in Part II of the report.

The first type of document (Doc.) will consist of up to three parts, and every document will contain at least one decision and/or one resolution and/or one recommendation:

(a)        Resolutions (optional) are decisions that concern only the internal activities of the Commission, such as actions to carry out its part of the strategic programme of the Organization, the establishment and terms of reference of a working group or the designation of a rapporteur, in line with General Regulation 182(b);

(b)        Decisions (optional) place on record instructions/directives to the Management Group from the Commissions, Congress or EC resolutions or decisions, or provide records of the Commissions opinions/observations on a specific topic, procedural decisions and other decisions pertaining to the internal matters of the Commissions, in line with General Regulation 182(c);

The decision justification (mandatory – either a short summary or a link to the related INF. document) is additional information that is essential to support the decision being made. This should be short and should refer, as far as possible, to pre-existing documents. This part of the document will appear in the final report immediately after the corresponding decision.

(c)        Recommendations to Congress or the Executive Council (optional) are decisions of the Commissions requiring financial support or implementation by Members, proposals for Secretariat action or requiring coordination with other WMO bodies or with bodies outside the Organization, in line with General Regulation 182(a);

language.pngDocument Processing

The first version (DRAFT 1) of documents will be published on the session website, and members of the Commissions will be invited to send suggestions for improving the document to the Secretariat ( These proposals will be assessed and the second draft (DRAFT 2) will be posted on the session website. Only the pre-session version of these documents will be available in all six WMO official languages.

Information documents will be posted on the session website but are not intended for amendment or discussion. These will normally be available in English only.

During the session, the chairperson for an agenda item will lead the discussion on the documents for that item. Within a document, each decision will be discussed separately. In many cases, each component of that decision, such as related annexes, will be discussed individually. Following current practice, component parts of a document may be approved by the session while other components may still need additional debate. Documents amended during the session will be posted successively as DRAFT 2, DRAFT 3, and so forth, and the final approved version will be marked APPROVED.

Discussion of the document may end in two ways. The complete document may be approved, in which case any agreed changes to the document will be included and the approved version will be published on the session website in the PROVISIONAL REPORT folder. Alternatively, the chairperson of the session may decide that no further progress can be made with the document at that time, in which case changes to the document will be included in the next draft, and the modified document will be published on the session website in the DRAFTS FOR DISCUSSION folder. This will be published as the next draft in the sequence (DRAFT 2, DRAFT 3, and so forth), whereas the previous draft will be moved to the SESSION ARCHIVE folder.

Versions of documents created during the session will be available in English only, on the understanding that the revised texts will be read out clearly, with interpretation in all WMO official languages.

paperless.pngPost-session Publication

Approved documents from the session will be translated into all six WMO official languages and placed on the session website in the Provisional report (Approved documents) folder.

The approved documents, the agenda and the list of participants will be combined to form the abridged report of the session, which will be published in the six WMO official languages. A second part of the report, consisting of information documents will also be published, in English only.

download.pngHow to download documents from the Website?

how to download.png