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​The third session of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure, and Information Systems (INFCOM-3) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 15 to 19 April 2024, as a face-to-face meeting with the possibility of online participation. 


A circular letter on the ​election of officers of the Commission was sent out on 3 April and is available here​.

information.pngOnline registration and credentials

More information concering online pre-registration is provided under the section Online Registration​ tab of this website.​​

​Invitation letter to WMO Members is available here.

Invitation letter to international organizations is available here​

language.pngWorking languages

Simultaneous interpretation into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish wil be provided during plenary session. 

icon.jpgPres-session document processing

To maximize the time for discussion, Members are invited to ask clarifying questions and submit comments and proposals to amend the documents through the email address ahead of the session. Priority should be given to consensual documents proposed by the INFCOM officers to be adopted without debate per annex to draft Decision 3/1 (INFCOM-3). The proposals received before the session by the deadline below are incorporated into a "Work in Progress" (WiP) document and publised in the "Work in Progress" section of this website by the end of the day before the day of debate of the document. 

  1. by 15h00 (CEST) Friday, 12 April for documents to be discussed on Monday 15 April 2024, and
  2. by 15h00 (CEST) of the day before the scheduled debate for documents to be discussed from Tuesday 16 to Friday 19 April 2024; 

​Members who submitted proposals for substantive changes will be invited to intervene to explain the rationale for the proposal during the session. Comments received after the above deadline will be treated as in-session comments. 

icon.jpgRecommended resolutions/decisions/recommendations for adoption without debate

Updated list of resolutions/decisions/recommendations recommended by the officers for adoption without debate, included in Draft 2 of Document 3.​

  • Draft Decision 2/1 (INFCOM-3) – Report of the president of the Commission, including the reports of the chairs of subsidiary bodies;
  • Draft Resolution 4.1/1 (INFCOM-3) – Review of previous resolutions and recommendations of the Commission;
  • Draft Decision 4.2/1 (INFCOM-3) – Review of Congress and Executive Council resolutions and decisions related to the Commission;
  • Draft Resolution 8.1(2)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WMO-No. 1165);
  • Draft Resolution 8.1(2)/2 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Technical Guidelines for Regional WIGOS Centres (RWC) on the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System (WMO-No. 1224);
  • Draft Decision 8.1(3)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Plan for update of the Vision for the WMO Integrated Global Observing System in 2040 (WMO-No. 1243) and the High-Level Guidance on the Evolution of Global Observing Systems during the period 2023–2027 in response to the Vision (WMO-No. 1334);
  • Draft Resolution 8.1(5)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guidelines on Best Practices for Achieving User Readiness for new meteorological Satellites (WMO-No. 1187);
  • Draft Resolution 8.2(1)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO-No. 8);
  • Draft Resolution 8.2(3)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to Operational Weather Radar Best Practices (WMO-No. 1257);
  • Draft Resolution 8.2(4)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to Hydrological Practices, Volume I (WMO-No. 168);
  • Draft Decision 8.2(5)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Guidelines for Radiometer Comparisons;
  • Draft Resolution 8.3(3)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to the WMO Information System (WMO-No. 1061);
  • Draft Resolution 8.3(6)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Climate Data Management System Specifications (WMO-No. 1131) and experimental use of the WMO Core Climate Data Model;
  • Draft Resolution 8.3(6)/2 (INFCOM-3) – Establishment of a Global Data Assembly Centre for marine meteorological and oceanographic climate data within the Marine Climate Data System;
  • Draft Recommendation 8.3(7)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Amendments to the Manual on Codes, Volume I.2 (WMO-No. 306);
  • Draft Resolution 8.4(2)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Update of the Guide to the WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System (WMO-No. 305);
  • Draft Decision 8.4(5)/1 (INFCOM-3) – Roadmap for the Integration of Cryosphere Information and Products in the WMO Integrated Processing and Prediction System;
  • Draft Decision 13/1 (INFCOM-3) – Date and place of the next INFCOM sessions.

INF.pngInformation documents

Information documetns (INFs) can be found from Information Documents​ tab at the top right of the page.

agenda.pngTentative workplan

The tentative work plan for the session is provided in the Tentative Workplan​ section (left-hand menu) of this website. The tentative work plan is subject to changes, as it provides only an initial indication of the meetings and agenda items that will be taken up at the session. 


information.pngContact information

For questions regarding registration and participation to the session, please contact WMO Conference Services at​

information.pngList of participants

A provisional list of participants will be uploaded on the session website shortly after the beginning of the session. We are committed to ensuring that this list remains accurate and up-to-date throughout the duration of the session. As such, it will undergo daily updates to reflect any changes or additions.


At the conclusion of the session, a comprehensive survey will be distributed to all participants who have attended the session. This survey will serve as a vital tool to gather valuable feedback and insights from participants. 

download.pngHow to download documents?

how to download.png

information.pngNaming conventions for the online participants

Specific naming convention will be used by the Secretariat to facilitate the participation of INFCOM online participants as follows:

WMO Members: Principal Delegate(s), Alternate(s), and Delegate(s)

·    Principal Delegate (Principal): Member name/PD/Surname

·    Alternate: Member name/Alt/Surname

·    Delegate: Member name/Del/Surname

President, Vice-Presidents of WMO

·    President of WMO: P/WMO

·    Vice-Presidents of WMO: 1st VP/WMO; 2nd VP/WMO; 3rd VP/WMO

Presidents and vice-presidents of technical commissions, presidents of regional associations, Regional Hydrological Advisers, Chairs of WMO bodies, and Invited Experts

·    Presidents of technical commissions: P/INFCOM, P/SERCOM

·    Vice-presidents of technical commissions: VP/INFCOM/Surname, VP/SERCOM/Surname

·    Presidents of regional associations: P/RA I (II, …, VI) for presidents (acting presidents)

·    Vice-presidents of regional associations VP/RA (I, II....)

·    Regional Hydrological Advisers: HA/RA I (II, …, VI)

·    Chairs of WMO Bodies: Chair, body acronym: (C/HCP)

·    Invited Experts: Expert/Surname

Representatives of International Organizations/Non-Members

·    Organization name/Surname

·    Non-Member name/Surname

WMO Secretariat

·    Secretariat/Surname​