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The second session of the Commission for Observation, Infrastructure and Information Systems (INFCOM-2) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 24 to 28 October 2022, as physical meeting with possibility of online participation.

The INFCOM-2 session is preceeded by the second session of the Commission for Weather, Climate, Water and Related Environmental Services and Applications (SERCOM-2) from 17 to 21 October 2022

In the weekend between the two sessions, on 22 October 2022, there will be a Technical Conference on the theme "The Weather, Climate and Water Emergency - Early Warning Systems for All".

Group photo is available here.


health symbol 2.pngHealth information

The complete information on the COVID situation in Switzerland (dated 6 October):

Latest press release from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health about COVID-19:

In indoor spaces, where a lot of people from different households congregate, wearing a mask, sneezing or coughing into a tissue or the crook of your arm and thoroughly washing your hands regularly contribute to reducing infections.

information.pngInformation and registration desk

Online pre-registration is required for all participants. Permanent Representatives are invited to register themselves, their altnernates and delegates through the Online Registration System (ERS). More information concerning online pre-registration is provided under the section Online Registration and Credentials of this website. Zoom links will be sent to registered participants.

In addition, WMO General Regulation 20 (Basic documents No. 1 (WMO-No. 15)) requests Members to provide credentials for their delegations for the sessions with clear indication of the principal delegate and his/her alternate, noting that for technical commission sessions, the Secretary-General may accept the credentials of persons who are part of the Member’s delegation provided that those credentials have been signed by the Member’s Permanent Representative with WMO (in consultation with the Member’s Hydrological Adviser in the case of hydrological experts). In this connection, I should welcome in due course the credentials of your delegations, signed by, or on behalf of, an appropriate governmental authority of the Member, specifying whether they are valid for SERCOM-2, INFCOM-2, or for both sessions.

The Registration Desk in WMO will be open on Monday 24 October, at 7:30 AM. Participants are requested to be ready for a prompt start of the session at 9:00 AM.

Participants are invited to participate in the technical conference and collect the badge on Saturday 22 October.

agenda.pngTentative workplan

The tentative work plan for the session is provided in the Tentative workplan section (left-hand menu) of this website. The tentative work plan is subject to changes, as it provides only an initial indication of the meetings and agenda items that will be taken up at the session. 

language.pngWorking languages

Simultaneous interpretation into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish will be provided during plenary sessions.


To maximize the time for discussion, Members are invited to ask clarifying questions and submit comments and proposals to amend the documents through the email address ahead of the session. Priority should be given to consensual documents proposed by the INFCOM president to be adopted without debate per annex to draft Decision 3/1(INFCOM-2). The proposals made by Monday, 3 October will be published as a new Draft and the sessions will start discussion from the Draft.

IMPORTANT: Pre-session document processing

After the above deadline, all the proposals will be considered as valid proposals only through interventions at the session. On the other hand, to maximize the discussion time at the session, "Work in Progress" (WiP) documents will be published, incorporating comments received from Members by the deadline below:

  1. by noon (CEST) Friday, 21 October for documents to be discussed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 October, and
  2. by noon (CEST) of the day before the scheduled debate for documents to be discussed from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 October; 

These documents will be published as "Work in Progress" (WiP) Category B documents in the folder of Work in Progress Category B at the latest by the end of the day before the day of debate of the document.

Members who submitted proposals will be invited to intervene to explain the rationale for the proposal during the session. Comments received after the above deadline will be treated as in-session comments. 

Documents on matters of common interest of SERCOM and INFCOM

For what concerns documents containing recommendations from SERCOM to the Executive Council or Congress on matters of common interest of SERCOM and INFCOM that need to be confirmed by a decision of INFCOM, Members are invited to provide their comments and proposals at SERCOM:

icon.jpg"Work in Progress" documents

The documents listed in the "Work in Progress" section are either:

Category A: Documents that the Commission is invited to approve or endorse but due to the lack of time could not be delivered in the website "Documents" folder through the normal internal process, which requires editing, internal approval and translation; for such documents that are provided in English only, they will be displayed on screen during the Session and their main parts read out with interpretation in all WMO languages; these documents have the file name starting with "A_". Documents Category A are avaiable here.

Category B: Documents that have been updated according to comments received from Members 1) by noon (CEST) Friday, 21 October for documents to be discussed on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 October, and 2) by noon (CEST) of the day before the scheduled debate for documents to be discussed from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 October; the changes are made in track changes with the name of the Member which proposed the changes indicated in square brackets; for such documents, Members who made such comments are invited to intervene during the Session when these documents are discussed and explain the changes they proposed; these documents have the file name starting with "B_". Documents Category B are avaiable here.

Category C: in-session documents that have been updated in track changes following comments made from the floor or changes proposed by a drafting committee established during the Session; such documents are meant to be submitted back to the Session for discussion of the proposed changes and further decision; these documents have the file name starting with "C_". Documents Category C are avaiable here.

icon.jpgRecommended resolutions/decisions/recommendations for adoption without debate

Updated list of resolutions/decisions/recommendations recommended by the Officers for adoption without debate following their meeting of 12 July 2022:
  • Doc. 1.2 Draft 2 - Decision 1.2/1 - Methods of Work for Online Sessions - WiP is available
  • Doc. 2 - Decision 2/1 - Report by the president of the Technical Commission
  • Doc. 4.1 - Decision 4.1/1 - Review of the Executive Council resolutions relevant to INFCOM
  • Doc. 6.1(5) - Recommendation 6.1(5)/1 - Update of the Guide to Aircraft-based Observations (WMO-No. 1200) (full revision)
  • Doc. 6.2(6) - Decision 6.2(6)/1 - Guidelines for Conducting and Reporting on the Verification and Calibration of Discharge Measurement Instruments
  • Doc. 6.3(3) - Recommendation 6.3(3)/1 - Update of the Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306)
  • Doc. 6.4(2) - Recommendation 6.4(2)/4 - Termination of the Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS) Progress Report
  • Doc. 6.8(3) - Decision 6.8(3)/1 - SERCOM recommendation on the update of the mechanism for recognition of long-term observing stations
  • Doc. 7.4(1) - Decision 7.4(1)/1 - Process for publication of technical document series
  • Doc. 7.4(2) - Decision 7.4(2)/1 - Uncertainty assessment and harmonization of uncertainty terminology
  • Doc. 7.6 - Resolution 7.6/1 - Review of resolutions, decisions and recommendations of the previous commission structure
  • Doc. 7.7 - Resolution 7.7/1 - Review of previous resolutions and recommendations of the Commission
  • Doc. 10 - Decision 10/1 - Date and place of next session

The list is included in Doc. 3.

INF.pngInformation documents

Information documents (INFs) can be found from "Information Documents" tab at the top right of the page.

Information documents containing the code “MT” in their file name have been translated for your convenience using machine translation and translation memory technologies. Reasonable efforts have been made by WMO to improve the quality of the resulting translation, however no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made as to its accuracy, reliability, or correctness. Any discrepancies or differences which might have occurred when translating the content of the original document into the target language are not binding and have no legal effect for compliance, enforcement, or any other purpose. Some content (such as images) may not be translated due to the technical limitations of the system. If any questions arise related to the accuracy of the information contained in the translated document, please refer to the English original which is the official version of the document.  

download.pngHow to download documents?

how to download.png

information.pngList of participants

A provisional list of participants will be uploaded on the session website shortly after the beginning of the session. This list will be updated on a daily basis.


A survey will be sent to all participants who have attended the sessions at the end of the session. 

information.pngContact information

For questions regarding the registration, please contact the WMO Conference Services at