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Title P-4 - Hydrological Assembly recommendations
Start Time 29/05/2023 14:00
End Time 29/05/2023 16:00
In concluding item 4, Congress will consider the following additional recommendations expected to be provided by the Hydrological Assembly:

(1) Update to the WMO Vision and Strategy for Hydrology and its related Plan of Action (Resolution 4 (Cg-Ext(2021))

(2) Increase of hydrological participation in WMO governing bodies, and participation of hydrological advisers in regional technical conferences

(3) Regional HydroSOS implementation plans for sustainable water resource management and reporting on the state of global water resources

(4) Use of term "hydrological services".

Doc. 4 - Consideration of the report of the Chair of the Hydrological Assembly - Draft 2 en fr ru es ar zh -> Approved

INF. 2.6 - Report of the Chair of the Hydrological Assembly - updated after the Hydrological Assembly session
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