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Online Registration

Register online for RA I-17 and for the AMCOMET meetings

Online pre-registration is required for all participants to the AMCOMET meetings and RA I-17 session.

In view of their official status with WMO, Permanent Representatives of WMO Members (PRs) have been given access to an online Event Registration System allowing the pre-registration of their respective delegations.

In the event that you have not received your registration log-in details or have a technical problem on the registration website, kindly contact Please also check your spam mail as the "" e-mail may have been treated as unknown.

Representatives of invited International Organizations, States with Observer status or other invited participants should ask their international department to send an email to with subject "RA I-17 registration" listing the first name, last name and email address of each authorized participant together with a photograph.


Pursuant to Regulation 21 of the General Regulations, prior to a session of a constituent body other than the Executive Council, each Member should, if possible, communicate to the Secretary-General the names of the persons composing the delegation to that body, indicating which of these shall be regarded as its principal delegate. In addition, a letter giving these particulars and signed by, or on behalf of, an appropriate governmental authority of the Member shall be sent to the Secretary-General or handed to his representative at the session. This letter shall be regarded as appropriate credentials for the participation of the individuals named therein in all activities of the constituent body.

Representatives of international organizations invited as observers to the session should provide in advance, or bring to the session, a letter of representation signed by the appropriate authority from their organization.