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​Gender diversity has a positive impact on the overall quality of leadership and decision-making. Recognizing this, the WMO has initiated a series of workshops to enhance leadership skills and provide opportunities for women to participate in decision-making forums.

The Women's Marine Leadership Workshop took place from 21 to 22 October 2017 at the WMO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, ahead of the Fifth s​ession of the WMO-IOC Joint Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM-5)​. The workshop was aimed at building a cohort of female leaders in the marine and oceanographic community, who would join the Commission's structures and contribute to its scientific work. It further served to lay the foundations of a network of female marine meteorologists and oceanographers. 

Designed for female delegates to JCOMM-5 and female professionals from WMO and UNESCO-IOC Member/Member States, the workshop's content was oriented towards building a set of practical leadership skills, with a focus on communications, negotiations and consensus-building.  The workshop was envisioned as an interactive and dynamic event, with time allocated for feedback, insights and exchange of lessons learned.

​The workshop convened 24 female professionals from 22 countries. The majority participated in the Marine Technical Conference and JCOMM-5, thus gaining invaluable hands-on experience in participating in international cooperation meetings. Participants were expected to:​​​​
  • ​Hold an academic degree in marine sciences, marine meteorology, oceanography or another related field;
  • Hold a senior professional and/or managerial post;
  • Maintain a high level of competency in their technical or functional discipline;
  • Integrate organizational goals and values with stakeholder and customer needs;
  • Demonstrate keen interest in international cooperation in marine meteorology and/or oceanography;
  • Have working knowledge of English.  
Based on the nominations of Permanent Representatives (PRs) of WMO Members and UNESCO-IOC Member State Representatives, a Selection Committee shortlisted the most qualified candidates, while ensuring for fair geographical representation and a variety of participants' qualifications and experience.

See pictures from the workshop here

Consult the Agenda   

Individual coaching sessions on strengthening leadership skills were made available to a limited number of interested participants during the workshop. 

All material arrangements (e.g. entry requirements, transportation, health requirements)​ for the Women’s Marine Leadership Workshop, the Marine Technical Conference and JCOMM-5 are available​ here.