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WMO Technical Conference on Future Challenges and Opportunities in Agricultural Meteorology

16-17 April 2018, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Group photo is now available:

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A Technical Conference on "Future Challenges and Opportunities in Agricultural Meteorology" will be organized at the same location before the seventeenth session of CAgM, from 16 to 17 April 2018. The conference will be conducted in English only. Participants in the CAgM-17 session are also invited to attend this Conference.  The TECO is intended to highlight the applications and utility of CAgM outputs from the current inter-sessional period, on-going needs, and proposed areas of future work, to inform the Commission's future directions.  

Latest Programme of Techincal Conference PROGRAMME_TECO April 2018-South_Korea.pdf

More information can be found in the Concept Note_TECO CAgM.pdf

TECO speakers will be selected largely from the list of TECO and CAgM-17 participants, taking into account the TECO subject matter as well as, gender and regional balance. Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if you could arrange to informally notify the organizing committee of your delegation's expected list of TECO participants via email to  by 28 February, along with an indication of their interest in potentially making a presentation. TECO presentations will be an opportunity to highlight the challenges and opportunities in agricultual meteorology along the use of CAgM-related tools, guidelines, products and practices. Candidate speakers will be contacted directly by beginning of March 2018.  

It is hoped that the costs of participation in the TECO will be borne by the Government of your country. If this is not possible, WMO is prepared, upon request, to consider providing some financial support for this purpose. Limited funding has been set aside to provide air tickets and a lump sum, in lieu of per diem support, for a limited number of participants. Priority will be given to developing countries and countries with economies in transition, and limited to those who will be attending the CAgM-17 session.  Finanical assistance forms will only be be sent to confirmed participants who are approved by their Permanent Representative and meet the above criteria.

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